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more tarako music to the ears


I was flipping through the imaginatively named “Top Promotions” magazine, as you do, and I noticed something that made me really wish I had the energy  to collect tokens and enter competitions. Although to actually get this, I would also have had to have had a taste-bud transplant.

This Mp3 player has probably been around for a while (“Top Promotions” is monthly, but the article was a “case study” so I have no idea when the campaign actually took place). But I just KNOW you people want to see it, because my last tarako posting is the only one people seemed really interested in.

While I was flipping through the same issue, I also noticed this…


which I also kinda want: A New Balance flash drive from Buffalo (Computer hardware manufacturer).


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real material girl


Been a bit slack, so this post is a bit late.

But, yes, that is Madonna, and yes, that is a building in Tokyo. I can’t believe that of all the things she could put her name to, she has decided to do an ad for a high rise apartment block. Search YouTube to see the TV ad, where you get to hear Madonna say: “Beyond race, beyond gender, beyond religion, beyond culture, beyond tomorrow…” as the camera zooms up to a futuristic looking Madonna who says “Just perfect.” I never knew a building could be so dramatic, or that one could or need be beyond anything… aside from the building in front of it.

Aesthetically-speaking, though, the ad is kind of cool, thanks to fashion photographer Steven Klein (

To see just what Style Madonna Tokyo Ariake and Brillia Mare is all about, see which gives the location, images of the kind of views you’ll get from your windows, and apartment floor plans. I had a browse the other day, and if anyone out there can afford one of these… um, will you be my best friend? 🙂

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