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monsters in the stomach


Otsuka's Fibe-mini is a carbonated dietary-fiber drink designed for people who don't really eat healthily enough, or eat out too often, or are on a diet (apparently because the digestive enzymes can't absorb the fiber it expands in the stomach and stops you from overeating.) Info on the product:

Recently a funky campaign ran along the JR line, which included poster ads of furry monsters and a display of the actual monsters used for the ads (I think) outside the RanKingQueen store in Shibuya.
Each monster represents a bacteria or something in your digestive system that isn't good for you. The monsters themselves are cute enough, but what really caught my eye was the web site, which features great cheesy theme tunes for each monster and a very simple typing game to let you fight each monster:


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a plug from robotomi, no adapter


Finally! A really nice book about me!!!

O.K. maybe not, but about my relatives, Japanese side. Really, this is a fun book. Great pics, interesting read. Get it, get it… get me. 😉

See this review if you want to know more:

June 14, 2006 at 3:33 am 2 comments

not evolving fast enough


I know this Microsoft Office 'Are you working in a bygone era' campaign is worldwide (, but did everyone get their own perspex-cased, perfectly preserved dino-salaryman?

Saw this at a station and instantly sympathized with it.

Where I do most of my data processing is not an 'evolved' environment. In fact I am often hooked up to hardware that, judging from their serial numbers, could be older than myself.

Recently, new regulations have also stipulated that all data retrieval/processing units past their original warranty date are only to be allowed a limited 'work space.' This work space is to be a full arms-length of the data-retrieval/processing unit by four of its head widths.

Luckily I have a wide ape-factor arms length and my head is big.

Still, fitting the decades-old hardware that I need to be hooked up to every day into my new space isn't easy. I am beginning to feel like Mr. Dinosaur in his perspex box.

If only Microsoft Office really could help.

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oooii! it’s another kiosk


Yup, a tad dull… but it's a kiosk! Did I mention that I liked station kiosks?

'Oooii' Ocha, Green tea. I think you can see the product there for yourself.

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now, unzip me…


Try and tell me that's not a clever way to advertise on a train door.

This is YKK's campaign that took over every carriage on the train. All the posters inside the train were also for YKK and showed commuters how zips, buttons and clasps are far cooler than you ever imagined.

Well they try.

Seriously though, zips are cool. I mean without zips trousers would always have a bulge around the crotch area, there wouldn't be any of those really, really tight fitting dresses, bags would never be the same and as for kinky rubber clothing and masks…

It's better than velcro in my book.
In fact some of my service outfits have a few YKK parts.

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chew chew station


Looks a bit boring, but yes! another kiosk! Hoorah! I do have a thing about station kiosks. This time it's Lotte's unpronounceable Xylitol gum. See for the product.

Must mention that a fellow tigerbot took this image for me. 

Thank you. x

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follow the white bunny


I know, I know, I'm very behind on this … but I did say I'm 'catching up' on info … and actually I was there when Echika, the Omotesando metro station shopping mall (within and outside barriers) opened, and I dutifully recorded info and passed it on. Now, probably because the bunny is so kawaiiiiiiiiiii, everyone knows about it. But hey, wanted to post a picture anyway. This is above the stairs to the station.

To see white bunny in full pink glory, plus a map of station layout:

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