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another bottled drink lover!


Yuki at is blogging what she is drinking and where she is drinking it (this image is her’s not mine), which as a fellow bottled-drink lover, I think is great. Definitely check it out. I hope she keeps it up. Yuki it appears is a frighteningly talented 20 year old, so her entire blog is pretty cool to look at. Nice photos, illustration and design work. Might make you feel a wee bit inadequate, but also pretty inspiring.

Wish I had made my “free with my drink” collection a bit more artistic now! Which reminds me, I don’t think I ever explained that. Basically I have a bit of a procrastination problem when I’m trying to buy something to quench my thirst. Those enormous convenience store fridges turn me into a deer in headlights. So when I can, I just choose the drink with the freebie. Makes things so much easier. Just hone in on the little plastic-bag attachments on the bottle necks. I get lots of repeats which I don’t take pics of, incase you’re wondering.


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what the dr. ordered


A scantily-clad nubile girl, dripping with sweat and with enormous fake-looking tits, is apparently just what Dr. Pepper ordered from Rockin’ Jelly Bean Art Graphics (

Truth is, I am waaaaaay past the supposed coolness of Hysteric Glamour and using the Playboy bunny ironically. I was kind of hoping Japan would be soon, too. But judging by the average amount of padding in Japanese bras, it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Even worse. I don’t think anyone is even being ironic here.

Yes, I admit it, “erotsy-pop” was once almost cool in a “women should celebrate their difference and not be ashamed of the powerful sex appeal of their bodies” kind of way. But when the image of a ditsy, bust-inflated woman who is “oops”ing her way through life, is accompanied by the words “help me out guys!” (it’s on the side of the can that you can’t see in the image) I can’t help feeling that a sad, insecure man had something to do with this. And with that revelation, I have an uncomfortable feeling that, in fact, female chauvinism, ladette culture and Playboy feminism were all very big, boob-exposing mistakes.

I don’t particularly want to drink out of cans with top heavy, 10-inch waisted, physically impossible women. But unfortunately I am a Dr. Pepper junkie (actually that stuff probably should be illegal or restricted; I swear, if it doesn’t have triple the caffeine of a pack of Pro-plus, then there’s something quite class A going on there…), so for an entire year, I apparently will have no choice. According to, this “Pepper Chix” campaign will continue into 2007, post-feminist or not.

My only consolation is that The Pepper Chix do have hips and bums and aren’t stick insects like the female idols and models of today, who are truly frighteningly weird-looking human beings. So, despite the football-sized breasts, I’d rather have teens looking at and aspiring to the figures of these cartoon chix than, say, the real but quite dangerously abnormal Posh.

Actually, I wish fashion, especially teen fashion, would just stop using impossibly skinny girls as their models. Regardless of whether they starve themselves to stay thin or are naturally very thin, they do not represent the average girl or woman. Such pedestalling of odd figures surely perpetuates eating disorders and self-esteem problems for many girls.

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baby on board


The first trimester of pregnancy apparently is the worst for morning sickness and general uncomfortableness (not speaking from experience here, just what the babymakers tell me). But it is also a time when the only way others can really tell someone is pregnant is if they wear one of those ‘baby on board’ T-shirts with a huge arrow pointing at the stomach. Thank goodness JR East (along with 15 other private railways) have decided to distribute small tags for mothers-to-be so that they are easier to identify, and offer your seat to, on crowded trains.

Why ‘thank goodness’? Because ‘baby on board,’ ‘baby under construction,’ ‘knocked up’ and ‘bun in the oven’ T-shirts are chav-tastic tragedies of fashion, which only the worst of smug mothers could possibly wear. These little plastic badges (5cm wide), on the other hand, are subtle and can be attached to bags or wallets.

The aim is to encourage more people to give up seats for pregnant women, and to stop people worrying about mistaking a healthy, slightly larger woman for a tired pregnant one.

This photo is from the poster advertising the service. Check Mainichi’s report to see what a real one looks like.

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coke goes back to the ’80s


Remember the original Coke yoyos? All those competitions in the ’80s? Learning to do the `cradle’ and ‘walk the dog’? It’s all so vivid to me. I would burn through the yoyo strings, I think I even broke a window once when a string snapped. Oh, it’s really embarrassing, it’s all coming back to me now, remember Yomegas? (’90s.) Had to have one. Mine glowed in the dark when spinning.

I can still do the cradle and walk the dog. The skills I attained in my youth, it’s mind-blowing.

Anyway, they’re back! And they’re not just back as in on the shelves, they are back looking identical to the way they did then. I don’t remember getting them in a boxed set (in fact, I thought you had to save tokens or something, but I could be wrong there), but the bottles are replicas of the ones sold in the ’80s and the yoyos look the same, except for the ‘2006 limited edition’ bit.

This is getting blogged because I get this uncontrollable warm fuzzy feeling whenever the ’80s are mentioned: the carefree attitude of being a shameless kid, a time when Coke only meant one thing, when the music made you dance funny and “Stand by Me” was the ultimate movie that we all ‘related to’ … aaaaaahhhhhh (that reminds me, I still have to check in on Wil Wheaton every now and then — and “in exile” at — just to remind me that he is no longer 12, and much as I like to pretend, neither am I).

I could go on, but at some point we would run into “Teen Wolf” and Michael J. Fox, I’d get misty-eyed and probably lose even more friends.

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Free with my drink

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