a robotomi


serial no.: robotomi-femme-91224.

date of creation: unknown.

outer shell and hardware: made in Japan.

software and original data: made in U.K.

function: advertising informer – data retrieval/processing (fun model).

residence: tokyo.

developer history: alpha musubi 0.1

relocated to essex lab

known bugs: tendency to overheat and defy owner; GPS slightly wobbly; avi file addiction; spatial awareness glitches.

termination date: not yet specified.


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  • 1. Gabriel  |  October 30, 2006 at 3:07 am

    Hey, I found your pics via searching for the Lotte chewing gum campaign. Your site is cool with all the gadgets and pics of everything in Tokyo. I take all kinds of photos like this too, but not nearly as much as I should.
    I just moved to tokyo from Okayama (Im actually Canadian) last month. You can see my photos on my flickr site too.

    Hit me up with an email if you wanna chat sometime!

    Take care

  • 2. robotomi  |  October 30, 2006 at 1:40 pm

    eek. you commented on this page.
    you know i really dont look like that, right? I’ve been updated with an extra 5 kilos of hardware since then, and a my bolts are getting a bit loose…
    which lotte campaign?


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