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i am going on holiday before…

I am tempted to put on a pair of these and jump out of my office window and into the river…


Concrete geta.

On a bad day, the temptation is sometimes very strong. But these are apparently for exercise. They really are concrete and they really are heavy.

I also really am going on holiday before I get a pair, although to be honest, I was thinking more of putting them on management’s feet and pushing them off a bridge.

I am off to England for a tuneup. Might blog from there. Might not. If not, see you in a few weeks.


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too good to wipe your bum, or nose, on


I wanted to blog this before, but felt kind of bad about ripping an image off their Web space, but for some reason I don’t feel so bad about ripping it off their leaflet (all these images are from their leaflet, not my genius photography I’m afraid), which I got given during Tokyo Design Week.

Nepia toilet roll and tissue makers have a Lohas campaign running, which seems less “lifestyle of health and sustainability” and more “lets offer happy abundant style.” This is a kit for turning your toilet rolls into a vase.

Someone probably is mopping their brow with nepias right now, still sweating from the brain-strain designing that one…

But I’m being cruel, because actually, they are kind of cute. As are these.


— tissue boxes that look like bricks

and these


— tissue boxes that look like weird-shaped sneakers.

Kind of a design extravagance maybe, but at the end of the day, everyone has to wipe their butt or nose at some point, might as well make it a more pleasant experience I guess.

Anyway, check for other funky ways to wipe your self.

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pingmag does it better, but anyway

A while ago PingMag Did a great post about ads in stations and on trains here:
which reminded me that I had a few recent train poster ads that I didn’t really have much to say about except “Oh that’s nice.” (Like the Gap one…) So here they are.


Starting with my favorite for Kuroneko (Black Cat) delivery service. A bubble-pack wrapped ad. Temptation to pop bubbles on your journey is incredibly high. They also had a brown paper one and a polystyrene sheet one.


For TV Asahi, a popup ad.


It’s kind of hard to make out, but those basil leaves on this Pizza La ad are actually attached by clear strips so that they bounce and sway as the train moves.

See PingMag for other interesting ways to use train space and stations. They do it so much better, but I just wanted to get these pics off my chest.

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