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JR is promoting its new shinkansen (bullet train) by plugging its environmentally friendly design. AFP compares JR’s N700 to France’s TVG (world’s fastest train service), saying that JR preferred to concentrate on the train’s co-friendliness rather than on its speed. See here for more info.

The new train, which begins running next month, will stop at Kyoto (because of the Kyoto Protocol and the train’s efforts to be eco-friendly), will use 19 percent less electricity than other bullet trains (and therefore produce less CO2 emissions), and have no smoking carriages (yes we do still have those here!) although it will have special ventilated smoking areas.


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uniqlo’s great robotic distraction

Saw this on Octopus dropkick ( and just had to share! The dancing is so good it totally distracts from the fact the clothing is not so great. It’s just impossible not to watch it at least three times on the trot!

For more Uniqlomixer stuff and auditions for the current uniqlock campaign go here uniqlomixer or here

Gonna watch it again and find someone else to tell…

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deodorizing tissue boxes


It’s weird how so many really boring things are getting upmarket makeovers.  You would think that all you need to know about tissues is the percentage that is recycled and how many sheets will you need to blow your nose or wipe your bum without (yuck) leakage. At a stretch, you might worry about what color they would be. But what more choice do you need?

Apparently lots.  “Luxury” tissues are becoming more popular in Japan and so various companies have come up with softer ones, thicker ones, lotion impregnated ones, perfumed ones, patterned ones,  and ones that come in prettier boxes.

And now they can come in deodorizing boxes. The Crecia Fabree tissue box is covered in a “photocatalytic sheet,” which does what it says — it reacts to sunlight. It somehow breaks down bad odors in the air when exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light and deodorizes the room its in.

Strange, but true.

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freebies, well almost


Samplelab! in Jingumae, Tokyo, (images from is the brainchild of the marketing and promotional company Mel Posunetto.
It’s not open yet, so I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but it appears to be an event space that will showcase new products and offer free samples to the public, while collecting consumer marketing information. The web site says it will include electrical goods, cosmetics, food and drink products plus mail-order goods.

People will probably have to fill out questionnaires while there and it costs 300 yen to register plus 1000 yen a year for membership — so it’s not exactly free, but then people who like to shop must have money…

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my hashi, my heart


“My Hashi, My Heart” ( — where these images have been taken from) is a campaign to encourage people to carry their own chopsticks instead of using the free unenvironmentally friendly waribashi (disposable chopsticks) that are given at convenience stores and restaurants.

The chopsticks they sell come in 30 different “traditional Japanese” colors and can be bought individually (you don’t have to have a matching pair and you can replace one if it gets lost or broken). They already have various Japanese celebrities endorsing them and they are now being sold in Natural Lawson near the bento boxes and lunch foods.

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marathon blog 11 (last one), T with a T


This is Kirin tea’s tie-up with Uniqlo T-shirts (available in UT, see below). The labels on the tea bottles will have the same preppie-like check patterns that are used on the T-shirts. There must be a reason why they are all reminiscent of an ’80s fashion nightmare probably best forgotten, just don’t know what it is…

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marathon blog 10, to T or not to T


It took me a while, but I finally made it to Uniqlo’s UT store, the revamped Harajuku branch. All T-shirts are sold in plastic tubs and designs are displayed on racks inside the store. It looks cool, but to be honest, I only found one T-shirt that I actually liked out of the hundreds there. And, someone has to say it, I guess they weren’t thinking of being particularly environmentally friendly…

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