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marathon blog 10, to T or not to T


It took me a while, but I finally made it to Uniqlo’s UT store, the revamped Harajuku branch. All T-shirts are sold in plastic tubs and designs are displayed on racks inside the store. It looks cool, but to be honest, I only found one T-shirt that I actually liked out of the hundreds there. And, someone has to say it, I guess they weren’t thinking of being particularly environmentally friendly…


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marathon blog 9, shampoo service?


This a screenshot from, which is a novel way of advertising Sunstar tonic shampoo.

The site takes you on a virtual business-class flight, where a pretty flight attendant offers you a “shampoo” service. Choose one of three shampoos, then she leans over and scrubs you head. When she’s done, she gets you a towel to dry off.

The virtual flight also has a inflight movie, safety instructions, etc., each of which humorously gives you some information about Sunstar tonic.

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marathon blog 8, sour monkey


This kiosk on Shibuya station advertises Fuji TV shows, this time it’s a new version of Monkey. Inside, however, there is also a black-vinegar bar.

Vinegar drinks, which supposedly helps combat heat as well as aid dieting, have always been popular in the summer. Recently “black vinegar” drinks have become especially popular. I’m not sure if this is because a few black-vinegar bars have opened inside stations, or if the bars have appeared because of the drink’s popularity.

Whatever — as someone who once drank so much vinegar her lips turned blue, any excuse to legitimately pickle my insides is fine by me.

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marathon blog 7, and look at what we humans eat…


As if fermented, smelly and gooey beans is not enough (this is the kind of stuff that requires a full airing of the apartment and plenty of  breath mints…), this pack of natto  is also loaded with 2500mg of collagen.

I actually like natto, but let’s face it, no amount of collagen is going to make me more attractive when my breath smells of manky socks.

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marathon blog 6, a dog’s life seems alright to me


Perhaps it’s because of the falling birthrate, but pets appear to be getting an elevated status in society.

Natural Lawson, the “healthier” (although really, probably just posher) Lawson, now has a fancy range of pet foods, including dog lollipops (top right) and low fat “science diet” chow. The dried whole fish (below, it got cut off in the photo I’m afraid) even looks like a beer snack for humans. Actually, I wonder if people really can eat them … I know Bandai came out with “Petoy” which was a small rubber toy for the dog that came with a soy milk biscuit snack that both pet and pet owner could “enjoy” together (aaaaaaahhhhh, isn’t that cute? Some might barf, and not because they are really eating dog food).

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marathon blog 5, unexplained google


At last a way to make money from wandering aimlessly across the planet on Google Earth!

This Japanese sbicard campaign is offering 1000,000 yen to anyone who can find that particular crop circle via Google Earth.

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marathon blog 4, late cherry


Argh, this is really late. Green tea using plastic cherry blossom on train ads. Of course for cherry-blossom viewing season.

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