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warui waribashi (bad disposable chopstick)


I saw this and thought: Oh that’s nice, disposable chopsticks are incredibly environmentally unfriendly, so getting people to pay for them and contribute ecology is great. You pay 5 yen for a pair of these instead of getting a free pair from the store.

Unfortunately, the store I found this in, haven’t quite grasped the concept of them. So even after charging me for these, the assistant still managed to slip in the usual free pair of chopsticks (I didn’t see her do it, I swear!). Which means I ended up being just as, if not even more environmentally unfriendly. They became the disposable chopsticks of hypocrisy. 😦


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more about the spud u like


Still on vegetables…

Recently more and more veggies are being tagged with QR codes. QR codes, in the simplest terms, is a way of coding an html address. If you have a QR reader on your phone, you can scan the code (its like taking a mobile-phone photo of it) and you will directed to the Web site on your phone. Which means if you want to know more about these potatoes before you buy them, all you have to do is point your phone at that funny looking square bar code on the bottom right of the label.

Yes, you do look kind of daft doing it. But in general QR codes are great, for example they are used at exhibitions so that you can find out more about artists while still there. And they are used at stations to guide you to local maps and information on restaurants etc. (I should have posted that a loooooong time ago, but now it seems so dated).

Having said that, I haven’t actually spotted anyone actually pointing their phone at a QR code.

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extreme minimart


Since I have been away so long, and evidently having trouble getting back into the blog. I wanted to start with something small…

It is  a little hard to tell what is going on here, but this is part of the “mini” range of vegetables at Daimaru Peacock supermarket, and those on the far right are baby carrots, which most people are familiar with. That makes those little black-currant-sized things … tomatoes. There are also miniature cucumbers (about the size of a finger), asparagus and Chinese cabbage.

In case you are wondering … I have absolutely no idea why.

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