sexy cars, credit cards and cute women

February 20, 2007 at 2:50 pm Leave a comment


At first I just couldn’t figure out why the e-nexco pass, something that looks like a credit card, would use this flash car and cutsey version of a racing queen for its launch campaign, I was so inexplicably intrigued, I just had to look into it!

Oh, O.K., I’m lying. I know, this really is just car + cute girl= boring campaign, and that I just enticed you here by using the words “sexy,” “cars” and “cute women.” Ha, you’re so predictable. I was just bored and I didn’t see anything else really inspiring to blog.

The reason why e-nexco is using this car is because the card can be used as a credit/visa card, but also as a means to pay highway tolls. Whenever it is used, points are gained, which can also be used to pay highway tolls. Drivers need an ETC (electronic toll collection) machine in the car, into which you insert the e-nexco pass when you reach a toll gate. There is no need to stop the car, the toll is debited from the driver’s account, so they can speed straight through — hence the racy car look (no explanation for the nylon mini-skirt dress or manga platforms I’m afraid).

Wake up!


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