too good to wipe your bum, or nose, on

November 14, 2006 at 4:48 pm Leave a comment


I wanted to blog this before, but felt kind of bad about ripping an image off their Web space, but for some reason I don’t feel so bad about ripping it off their leaflet (all these images are from their leaflet, not my genius photography I’m afraid), which I got given during Tokyo Design Week.

Nepia toilet roll and tissue makers have a Lohas campaign running, which seems less “lifestyle of health and sustainability” and more “lets offer happy abundant style.” This is a kit for turning your toilet rolls into a vase.

Someone probably is mopping their brow with nepias right now, still sweating from the brain-strain designing that one…

But I’m being cruel, because actually, they are kind of cute. As are these.


— tissue boxes that look like bricks

and these


— tissue boxes that look like weird-shaped sneakers.

Kind of a design extravagance maybe, but at the end of the day, everyone has to wipe their butt or nose at some point, might as well make it a more pleasant experience I guess.

Anyway, check for other funky ways to wipe your self.


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pingmag does it better, but anyway i am going on holiday before…

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