luck of the crayfish

October 30, 2006 at 3:27 pm Leave a comment


Zarigani (crayfish) Works’ arukamo-ne characters (“arukamo-ne,” kind of means “I bet,” “I wager” or words to that effect) are coming free with bottles of Ito-en green tea. Although I have a “free with my drink” flickr site I just had to blog this because, well, I WON!!!!

Last time I won something was in 1997, I won a board game at my friend’s 25th birthday party.

Anyway, arukamo-ne are fairy-like or pixie-like fortune-cookie creatures that predict you good or bad luck. You apparently look into “the gleam of their eyes” and something good (or bad) might happen.

Alcamo (arukomo) is also a place in Italy; so the story is, these little things flew across Europe, learned a new language and then out of the kindness of their hearts attached themselves to bottles of tea. OK I made up the language bit. But they must be multilingual because they were very popular in a New York exhibition earlier this year.

Each creature comes with a wee slip of paper telling your fortune. Mine said “Today you will have something good happen, I bet.” Unfortunately my arukomo-ne didn’t realize that I am not Japanese, and by the time I had worked out what the creature was all about, the day was over and I had not looked into the “gleam” of its eyes. So I didn’t get the promotion with humungus payrise and I still came home to a shoebox.

To see more pixies:


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ta-puri tarako pingmag does it better, but anyway

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