groovin’ with gap

October 19, 2006 at 9:57 am Leave a comment

I’m not a big Gap fan, but I am a big corduroy fan. And already I hear all the fashionistas rolling in laughter or silently mortified at the thought of Gap and corduroy in the same sentence. Well i don’t care…

O.K. I do; so even if most people I know would rather be seen with a supermarket-store carrier bag than a Gap one, I will stick my neck out and ungroovily get into the Gap groove. Their ads on trains are actually made from purple corduroy, up close it looks like this:

gapgroove3.jpg which I thought was quite nice.

I liked the pattern printed on the material too. So much so that, yes, I actually went to Gap. Luckily for my Gap-hating friends, the products themselves were, well, you know, Gap-like, so I went home empty-handed.

But still, as far as corduroy is concerned, this post goes out to my friend at college who, after meeting me for perhaps the second time, felt the need to say “Wow, I like the way you wear corduroy pants. I don’t think I’ve seen a pair of those since I was, er, 11.”

Well, I’m still doing it, and it’s expanded to jackets. Bet you’re really scared to meet me now…


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