oh my gourd!

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Hyoutenkara water comes in this gourd-shaped bottle, which has a strap to carry it around with. There are various designs (www.rakuten.co.jp/kitora), which you basically pay for, since one bottle of 350 ml is 333 yen (about double the average price). But the bottle is billed as reusable, so it’s not a total waste.

Hyoutenkara, by the way, means “gourd,” which is a squash-like fruit that when hollowed out has been traditionally used as vessel. I get the feeling everyone knows this, but just in case, thought I would mention it. The water is proper mineral water from the Yoshino caves of Mineyama, Kyoto region.

Despite the price, I really like this idea, assuming that people really do re-use the bottle. The pet-bottle waste here is pretty phenomenal. Since I get to see a scary amount of mineral-water bottles outside my apartment block on plastics recycle day, I’m all for saving the environment with style. Although, I, um, haven’t actually re-used mine yet … but it is making a rather nice color-co-ordinated decoration in my apartment, and I’m not the one leaving my body weight in pet-bottles outside the apartments…

The rakuten Web site I’ve linked to above also notes that there will be extra-special Xmas editions of these gourd-bottles, which look like this:


So this Christmas, I might be able to help the environment, drink healthily and still get that good old traditional plastic Xmas tree into my apartment! (I can’t believe with a shape like that they didn’t do a snowman).


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