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we can rebuild him!


One of my favorite ads, simply because it's cute, but at the same time quite disturbing. For Lifeguard, a 'bionic' sports drink. Beneath the camouflage bandaging is a beat up bunny … I think. Tried my best to find the links for this (I used to have them, so you could see more of this campaign), but alas seem to be having a data retrieval malfunction. Apologies.


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heavy-duty coffee


Just so enticing…

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you say tohato, i say kiosk!


Yay! Another station kiosk. This time Tohato (sweet and savory snacks) and its Caramel Corn character, which at the time was relatively new. Before Caramel Corn came in slightly '60s-style red bags with an image of the corn puffs on the front. Now it's not just caramel; flavors of corn include cheese, green tea, strawberry and more. And each flavor has its own color (still red for caramel) and cute face. See for the product. The evil looking chillis faces above the cigarette machine are Tohato's Habenero chili snack characters. Check out for the product.

Oh and as always in true character good style, Tohato have produced some goodies promoting their goods on Annoying thing, for those fans, is that most of them aren't for sale. You have to collect points or join some campaign to get them.

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panda choux


Quite a while ago, Kirin decided to advertise it's green tea 'namacha' using a panda character. See for an TV ad using the 'pecology panda.' Originally the panda was a hand puppet with a kind of flip-top head, which became so popular through various campaigns that fake pecology panda hand puppets were being sold everywhere.

Anyway, to cut the story short, this is just very cute. A choux bun store that has (although a bit late) jumped on pecology panda's bandwagon. They don't half taste bad too. Yes, I do eat.

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oromon C on wheels


An old fave! The enormous glowing bottle of Oromon C drink. Still can be seen on occasion, adding unnecessary carbon monoxide poisoning in the center of town. BTW, it's unfortnately on the red truck, and not the top of the taxi… Now that would have been far cooler.

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recycle and gamble

Slot machine for recycling cans. After all, why not encourage people to recycle by gambling! Put a can in, it gets crushed and the wheels spin. Not sure what you win though.

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underground okinawa

Sells only Okinawan food goods and condiments, or Okinawan-flavored candy and snacks (like Chiquasa candy, sugar potato caramels). Quite welcome bit of cheeriness at an underground entrance to a subway station.

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